2015 UPAF Prop Shop

Welcome to the UPAF Prop Shop! Below you'll find tools, tips and ideas to help you to run a successful and fun Workplace Giving Campaign. If you have questions on any of the resources below, please contact Laura Rodriguez at lrodriguez@upaf.org or 414-239-6270.


•  Ambassador Guide – This handy booklet will help you to run a successful campaign from start to finish.

 Ambassador Training – Here you'll find a webinar to help you learn more about UPAF and Workplace Giving Campaigns.

 Sample Communications – These letter, email and PowerPoint templates will help to create awareness and excitement for your campaign.

•  Performance & Speaker Guide – Use this guide to select and schedule UPAF Member Group performers or speakers to engage your employees during your campaign.

•  Donations & Pledges – Here is everything you need to know about manual and online pledging.



•  Available Materials - A wide variety of brochures, posters and table tents are available to you to increase awareness of your campaign.

 Giving Incentives – There are many benefits to being a UPAF donor, including the SMART CARD, sponsored by Associated Bank. Use these materials to promote the UPAF Campaign Sweepstakes prizes.

 Campaign Activities & Enhancement Ideas – Use these to brainstorm fun activities for your campaign.

 Leadership Giving Campaign – Encourage company management to give a gift of $1,000 or more to become a Leadership donor.

•  Company Recognition – Learn about ways your company can be recognized for supporting UPAF.



•  2015 UPAF Fast Facts– Find answers to questions that your colleagues may ask about UPAF and the performing arts.

•  WPG Testimonials – See what our area top CEOs are saying about the benefits of Workplace Giving Campaigns.

•  Stories of Impact – The performing arts affect so many in our region. Check out their stories here.

•  UPAF Member Group Arts Education– Learn how our Member Groups provide important arts education programming to area schools.

 UPAF Ride for the Arts – Learn more about the UPAF Ride for the Arts, sponsored by Miller Lite.