Your Gift at Work

We'd like to thank and acknowledge the companies and organizations that hosted Workplace Giving Campaigns for the 2015 UPAF Campaign.

Click here to find a listing of these generous businesses!


What would your office look like with a few ballerinas dancing down the halls? Could your conference room use music from a string quartet? Participate in a Workplace Giving Campaign and you could bring the performing arts right to your company.

Here’s how it works. Companies with as few as 10 employees can put a Workplace Giving Campaign into action. UPAF will assign your company a Loaned Executive to help with your program. We’ll also provide your company coordinator with brochures, pledge forms, speakers, performers, show tickets or other incentives that will help make your campaign a success. It’s an easy, fun, rewarding and cost-effective way to support the arts.

Your Workplace Giving Campaign can be as simple as an agenda item during a staff meeting, or you can make it an exciting, multi-week affair packed with events. You can even run the entire campaign online, or use online giving as part of your overall campaign. It’s all up to you.

In 2014 nearly 17,000 individuals made a UPAF donation through a Workplace Giving Campaign. Close to 200 active campaigns throughout our region represent about 34% of the total campaign revenue. Was your company one of them? Check out our list of active companies, or contact us to find out how to be a part of the 2015 Campaign.


Special thank you to our Youth Performance sponsor